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Wet Palettes and Appreciation

an appreciation of many wargames blogs and a recent discovery about wet palettes for painting

This is the tip I found by chance on the “The Waving Flag” blog of Martin who runs Vexillia. I found Vexillia during my interest in impetus rules and italian figure makers.

Then I dropped out of that and very recently came to Martins blog by way of one of his recent posts and then having wandered around his blog site again I found the tips section. And wet pallettes update from 2016!

OK so I am slow on the uptake but I do remember a lot of discussion about wet pallettes a while ago (was it in 2016 though?) and it passsed me by. It so happened this time round I was in the middle of a lot of painting and well the article or should I say tip caught my eye.

And yes I followed Martins advice and it works and works really well.

I had some ochre base paint in the wet pallette box for the best part of 3 weeks – no mould in sight and the paint remained perfectly workable.

So thank you Martin.

This is also my 50th post so I can say that starting this blog and achieving this very small milestone in the blogging world is in lots of ways due to the work of others. All those other blogs I have followed over the last 10 years for example.

Here are some that have inspired my gaming, painting and an appreciation of what blogging has contributed to the wargames hobby.

Thank you to one and all. And for those omitted from the list, thank you as well – it is the variety that matters – the different tastes and interests mean there is always something for everyone to enjoy or discover.

And my whole DBA 15mm world received a massive jolt one day in 2007. I picked up a magazine in WH Smiths at a railway station. Nothing untoward you say, except it was a copy of Battlegames published by Henry Hyde.

Subsequently in one of his magazines I read about the beginners guide to blogging by Greg Horne and his Duchy of Alzheim blog. At the time with zero wargames playing going on blogging looked like a waste of good gaming or even painting time.

Much later, much much later in the atlantic publishers era I read in Battlegames Henry’s guide to starting your own blog. Still not for me. And the site link above is Henry’s consolidated site now – the guide I followed in the magazine has been removed. But his main site mentions it.

Another site Henry introduced me to was meeples & miniatures blog and Neil Shuck, and that led me to podcasts – but thats another story.

Some of my favorite blogs have been the following…………

Pauls Bods – absolutely excellent painting of 1/72 plastics and most recently metals by tumbling dice

Wargaming for Grown Ups – great all round musings and plenty of 1/72 ancients plastics that got me out of a 15mm DBx rut and into simpler gaming with plastics and even modifying them

Plastic Soldier Review – has simply fed my 1/72 craze

Blogs of War – source of so many great blogs

Keith’s Wargaming Blog – I found Keith’s blog back in 2009 and have enjoyed his writing

The Sharp End of the Brush – another early blog discovery, plenty of written word and 1/72 wargaming

Olicanalads Games – battle reports, scenarios and scenery – another early discovery I have regularly visited

Wills Wargames Blog – lots and lots of painted 1/72 plastics – a production line of reports about what Will is painting – excellent reporting

The blog with no name – plenty of ideas and variety

I live with Cats – another blog whose written content has been signficant

Archduke Piccolo – imaginations inspirations

Don’t throw a 1 – 15mm and lots of funny stories plus he drew me towards the wars of Louis 14th and the late 1600’s

Miniature Minions – lots of old school metals of the 20/25 mm era

Unfashionably Shiny – reconnected me with my original gaming figures of the 1970’s

Castles of Tin – excellent items on painting literally anything – flats and imaginations very good

Pijlie’s Wargames Blog – lots of variety including some 1/72 material

History in 1/72 – great for ideas about what you can do in 1/72

Parade Ground – got me back into 20mm metals with the likes of tumbling dice/newline/SHQ alongside plastics – motivated my purchase of Late Romans by Miniart. excellent 1/72 ideas, painting and figures

The Grand Duchy of Stollen – simply drove my enthusiasm for 18th century imaginations wargaming

The Eastern Garrison – pics of the much missed figures of greenwood and ball – the garrison metals I always wanted were the Carthaginians. Great archive.

Sumer to Sargon – exemplary painting of early ancients

Harness and Array – excellent medieval material, motivated me to do or rather start my stoke field project. Sadly it is my one 28mm enterprise and remains unfinished despite the fantastic figures.

Dark Age Wargames – although it only ran from 2006 to 2016 I found this site very useful for my interests in the Dark Ages

Cameronian only a game – good 1/72 selection – one of the first blogs I found

Camisado – always top of his game and consistently wonderful blog about the 15th/16th century european wars

Je Lay Emprins – excellent figure painting and another blog that stoked my interest in wars of the roses – no pun intended!

Aut Ceasar Aut Nihil – ok all 28mm but I just love the figures and posts

Dalauppror – great discussions/observations on the hobby and gaming ideas and one of my early blog discoveries

The League of Augsburg – drew me back into the late 17th century – sheer quality of material hard to beat

Wars of Louis Quartorze – also drew me back into the late 17th century with a wealth of information

Pauls Wargames Blog – a great variety of posts and a good read

The Wars of Wine and Cheese – another imagination thought stream that got me revisiting horse and muskest warfare – but always with a “fantastic” leaning

Vintage Wargaming – so enjoyed the old metal ranges being replayed I rebased mine and used them again

Bennos Figures – great painting inspirations

Baueda – got me properly going with PVA priming and dipping my toe in the plastics world

DBx wargaming with 20mm soft plastic figures – wealth of ideas about gaming with 1/72 plastics

John’s Wargames page – another blog that got me convinced to go down the soft plastics 1/72 route

Heres no great matter – sustained my interest in 15mm, showed me the drawbacks but pleasure of ancient and medieval warfare (AMW) and lots of small but great ideas like dice army pics to show each turn development when reporting a game

20mm wargamer – lots of 1/72 plastics ideas

Dux Homunculorum – painting inspiration for my 1/72 plastics

Jim Duncan Wargamer – plenty of painting and ideas

Carpat’Land – simply amazing figures to enjoy especially in medieval period and L’art de la guerre ruleset appeared to me here

Steves Random Musings on Wargaming – consistently offers a variety on interesting ideas for me – books and war of the spanish succession to name but two

20mm figures and modelling – wargaming info provided lots of useful links plus news, rulesets views and some interesting carolingian material

the duchy of tradgardland – another imaginations find in my ealry days of reading other peoples blogs

As I say these are just some of the wargame blogs I have enjoyed – some are no longer updated but I think all I have listed can still be visited.

Thanks to every author who has committed time to share their ideas on this fascinating hobby.

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