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The Painting Pedestal: Brigata Milano

Brigata Milano are my latest Garibaldini soldiers to pose on the pedestal!

Brigata Milano was part of Division Turr being formed before crossing from Sicily to the mainland. The figures have good animation I think.

The Bersaglieri wore a green uniform with red facings. This chap has lost his feathers courtesy of lucky toys casting!
The soldier on the right sports a cloak and pointy hat so probably came on the boat from Uruguay or has copied those that did. The soldiers wore white uniforms with red facings.

The bugler has a kepi – all the rage at this time (1859/60). He has acquired some Piedmontese uniform trousers.

I have again used the fine words and black and white pictures of osprey MAA 520 Armies of the Italian Wars of Unification 1848-1870 pt2.

You can find out more on the Garibaldini troops Garibaldi took to Sicily with him and those that followed on in my recent postings.

Finally you may notice the easter egg style basing!

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Thanks, the figures got poor reviews for moulding but it’s amazing what some paint can hide on really good animations plus the osprey 520 is fantastic – really motivated a devout 3000bc to 1735ad only Wargamer to dip a toe in this puddle!

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