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Intermission 22f

The Giro offered up some interesting castles this year. And as usual Italy is replete with historical narrative.

Hawkwood fighting for the Pope oversaw a massacre by his condottieri here in 1376

Next up Julius Ceasar would have to queue these days to cross his famous river

Crossing the Rubicon – its a bit busier these days……

Another city in the “Romagnol” also has fine surviving medieval fortress


Forlimpopoli suffered in medieval times – it was a battleground for Papal control of the area.

Forli another city on the Via Emilia where in medieval times the Ordelaffi family fought the Popes for its control, finally being dominated after it was siezed by Cesare Borgia.

And Faenza too……..dominated in the 14th Century by the Guelph Manfredi

Into the mountains and we switch to Napoleonic themes

Rocca d’Anfo initially a Venetian fortification was expanded by Napoleon in the 1800’s

Not quite as many images this year but these aerial shots give a different perspective on some amazing historical sites across Italy.

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Both as it happens-I guess it’s the cycling, I used to watch football but gave up although the var has made into an interesting maths programme 🤣 not! Pro cycling was in the doldrums with drugs and there was the boring sky train mob but then the tour went past our holiday spot two years running and we started to watch it a bit, just the highlights and then we realised you got this different real sky tour on the full length programme plus the production teams would dwell on castles etc. along the way. So yes it was the cycling but the scenery and historical stuff makes for better viewing!


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